Black Magic Banishing Spells

The purpose of banishing spells is to remove unwanted energies from space, person or thing hence banishing spells and rituals are often used to remove negative energies, spirits, or persons from our lives.

Whether you are making room for healing, love or prosperity to occur, performing a banishing is a critical first step to any magical work you want to undertake even though a banishing can be performed simply to cleanse a space.

Examples of Banishing Spells

  • A Banishing spell for a home
  • A Banishing spell for a family
  • A banishing spell from voodoo casted on you

Powerful Banishing Spells

Banishing spells are spells that are written specifically to get rid of unwanted energy, person, entity or a situation that is causing harm to someone or your own self. They are a great method of spells removal and can be used for many things.

These banishing spells can be used on a space to free it of unwanted entities such as ghosts or other spirits. They can be used on a person to free them from addiction, sickness or negativity and also performed on objects.

Many objects retain connections to their prior owners or any of the energies that may have gotten attached to them over the years. Therefore, before charging an object with new energy, it is important to cleanse it first.

A banishing that cleanses an object of unwanted energies is a cleansing, whereas a banishing that involves removing an unwanted spirit or entity from a person, is called an exorcism.

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