A Working LOVE SPELL with Your Lover’s Picture From Dr Karl

There are so many magical love spells and voodoo rituals in the world. It seems that the main rule is the fact that the love ritual has to be repeated exact times, and women are always advised not to trust their magic activities and to not tell to other women about the love spells that they are trying.

For this love spell you need a picture of your crush and a red candle. When it comes about love, desire and binding a person, the red is the right color for you.

Light the candle and relax; look at the picture of your crush and with all you heart say the following spell: “I am obsessed with a passionate love for this man, Let this man walk after me, let him love me, let him run out of desire after me!

Love Spell Using A Picture

May this love come out of the spirit and enter into him. I love him, I want him: he must feel that he wants me and love me!” You need to repeat these sentences three times.

Perform this love spell at night, before you go to sleep. This love ritual is best to be done on Tuesday, when Mars has its power.

Leave the candle to burn till the end and then store somewhere the leftovers. Do not throw them. Put the picture on some secret place where no one can see it.

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